Me, Myself & My Bacteria
NYU ITP Thesis - Fall & Spring 2020
An exploration on how bacteria from my mouth can be used to portray the essence of myself & my identity without having control over the bacteria's final outcome.
July 2021 - Present
Brand guidelines created for along with other materials used for packaging and advertising.
Prototyping Electronic Devices - Fall 2020
Hands, cast with epoxy & fluorescent pigment, lit up by a UV led matrix PCB that was made using EAGLE.
Feb. 2022 - July 2022
Examples of work created for two brands, Kaja and I Dew Care.
Intro to Wearables - Spring 2019
An exploration of bioplastic & its extended uses. Small hands were cast using the bioplastic resulting in a small temporary installation using temporary materials.
A Series (of Accidents?)
Intro to Computational Media - Fall 2018
A series of mesmerizing animations that change dynamically according to Perlin noise or randomness.
Selected Works
Additional Work
ITP Blog 2018 - 2020
DIY Design & Fabrication
CMU 24-672 Fall 2017
Physical Computing
CMU 60-223 (Fall 2016) & 48-390 (Spring 2017)
Undergraduate Physics Research
CMU Physics Department - Spring 2016 to Spring 2018
Assisted and ran simulations for multiple antennas and a satellite in order to measure the voltage response to study early star formation.